10 June 2022

Addiction is godless, headless, insane.

Surely, Addiction is progressive in nature. The substances used may start out harmlessly enough, a Fun and Frivolous Escape from the Daily Grind. But slowly, insidiously, the chokehold begins. Reality begins to be filtered out and only Addiction remains. Self-assured, predictable outcomes morph into catastrophic consequences and total loss of control.

This is no way to live.

All of the above, in black and white, is a reiteration of the pictured quote but using slightly different words.

I, for one, must reaffirm my Recovery Daily. My 50,000 drinks over a thirty-year period were a similar repetition, but more a sort of the dying on the vine that is Addiction. In Recovery, I vow to find 50,000 ways to state that "Recovery is Possible, Doable and Irreplaceable."

Life is short and sweet. 

Addition is godless, headless, insane.
You know the rest [see picture].


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