31 January 2015

One + One = Empathic Journey

Not one in a million.
Rather, one among billions.
This human journey.
This sober day.

Here is my review of "Rebalancing the Addictive Mind" by Rochelle Poerio:

"I have 10+ years of continuous sobriety. So, why would I read "Rebalancing the Addictive Mind," found on my library's shelf as I scanned their recovery literature? For the same reason I wrote of my own recovery: to help others not make the same mistakes I did, to ease the path to sobriety. "Rebalancing the Addictive Mind" is thorough, concise and informative. The periodic summations and occasional illustrations help drive home the valuable information-based insights contained therein. The author's writing abilities cannot be over-stated. If this book had been around 18 years ago when I first got sober, 8 years of relapses may well have crumbled into fiction, my mind rebalanced. Truly, I would suggest the exercise of good judgment, add "Rebalancing the Addictive Mind" to your recovery literature bookshelf."

Here is Shelley's book, "Rebalancing the Addictive Mind":
Here is my book, "All Drinking Aside" on Amazon.com:

30 January 2015

Romancing A Drink?

Romance a Novelist instead, a Romance Novelist, like Carole McKee!
You already know how well she can write when you read her review of "All Drinking Aside" {January 24th Five*****Star Review at www(dot)alldrinkingaside(dot)com}.
Take this opportunity to explore her "Second Chances" here: