17 July 2022

Hope Sustains Us When This One Life Fails... [Originally published 07/17/22 on social media.]

Words fail.
Life goes on. 
The only constant is change and life goes on.
The friend of a friend of a friend of a friend has died a brain-dead death by addiction.
One does not lose track of the individuals lost, but one no longer counts the numbers of the dead. "After the first death. there is no other."*
The Dead here, the Addicted, now Dead, are all Children robbed of the Blossoming Recovery provides. Recovery had not fully taken root and the results are CRUSHING. We who survive are more than just a little broken. 
Mercy, Addiction, Mercy. 
Have Mercy Upon Us. 
The suffering of the now dead has ended. We carry our suffering forward as we heal and help and hope the next uncountable death may be prevented.
Despite this death (or because of it) life still seems somehow IMPERISHABLE.
Hope sustains us. 
Red is Dead (the worst rhyme ever). 
Yellow Serves Us (as a sign to warn others and to remind ourselves).
Green, the Greenest Hope there is, Sustains Us.
Not the first death. Not the last. 
Green, Sustain Us.
In Remembrance, We Carry the Imperishable Torch Forward.
[More deaths/More lives in recovery/More joy/sadness/more.]
* From "A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London" by Dylan Thomas

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