15 June 2015

A Wonderful Time to be had once more...

Book Signing, Monday, June 22nd from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. at Kimmie's <3 Knick <3 Knack <3 Shack in Historic Gardener's Basin at 800 N. New Hampshire Ave., Atlantic City.

Bring a friend for this Second Annual Book Signing of "All Drinking Aside" by Jim Anders.

When you purchase a signed copy, you will wander through the many mazes of his autobiography and walk away knowing more about yourself than its author, more about alcoholic insanity than you might at first be willing to admit or acknowledge.
Rightly, "All Drinking Aside" is less an Autobiographical Fiction, as its cover states, than a Biography of Addiction whose fictional characters, flies-on-the-wall, if you will, reveal the truths of alcoholic insanity you may have once thought impossible to capture.
Walk away with the broken pieces of self reassembled in that strange human glue called recovery.

Don't miss Kimmie's <3 Knick <3 Knack <3 Shack! Kimmie's <3 Knick <3 Knack <3 Shack is the Biggest Little Knick Knack Shack in this or any other Universe! Mark your calendar now. Ready. Set. GO!


02 June 2015

Twitter, Twitter, Apple Fritter

Sandwiched between the Covers of The Sober World magazine's June edition is my Reality Sandwich, "This Sober Day":