01 May 2022



"In order to gain anything, we must first lose everything." - Buddhist saying

Recovery Beats Addiction by an Overwhelming Majority Every Time!

There were a few pluses in the early stages of my drug and alcohol use. CHOOSE TO USE did once apply but once Use became Addiction, it became a losing proposition. Midway through, I was already done in. I just didn't know it yet. Drug and alcohol use had become an investment of sorts so no matter how out-of-sorts I became, I would learn to win the game or so I thought. 

Wrong. So Wrong. It was in Recovery that I would learn to Surrender.

Upon Reflection, the Balance Sheets Read Zero. 50,000+ Doses of Drinks and Other Drugs lead me to one inevitable conclusion: The Drinking Life was Killing Me and I was left with nothing again, and again.

This Buddhist saying, "In order to gain anything, we must first lose everything" could not ring truer for me. I was reduced to nothing and then less than nothing. With each relapse during my first eight years of periodic sobriety I repeatedly tried to gain some kind of control over addiction, but always would and did fail. 

RECOVERY IS MY EVERYTHING. There is simply no comparison.

Hands down, Addiction loses every time.

I sip my tea (coffee, if truth be told) with a sense of incomparable Solitude and Belonging.

"Who Could Ask for Anything More?"


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