28 April 2022

RISK ASSESSMENT: "There Are Sharks Out There."


"You can come aboard the lifeboat, but I'm not jumping in after you because there are sharks out there." - Dallas Taylor

I am Hardy.

But I'm not Foolhardy.

More than once in a Recovery Meeting, I have heard the suggestion to use the Buddy System when entering a Barroom in an attempt to come to the aid of someone besides you and your Buddy in said Bar. One Alcoholic Helping Another. The Power of We. Shared Courage. However you may wish to express it, when asked to enter a Bar to help someone else, I wouldn't suggest going it alone if you are in Recovery. Okay, Buddy?


FLASHBACK! When I first got sober I got rehired at a bar I had worked at for many years, far from sober. I stayed sober this time while pouring drinks for others. I thought the days of my dark descent into full-blown, textbook-case alcoholism were over. Somehow I managed to stay Sober for a year and a few days before my first drink (or drug) resurged. 

I guess my alcoholism was not as manageable as I had imagined. My eight-year stretch of going on the wagon and falling back off again began here.

Being a bartender was a rickety-ass lifeboat for me. Definitely not my smartest move to get back into a bartending groove. Maybe now, with 17 years clean and sober I COULD DO IT! Others have. Everyone has to do their own Risk Assessment. My Assessment is NEVER AGAIN!

Do as you Wish.

I drank like a Fish.

I was not a First-Time Winner.

The Sharks had me for Dinner!


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