28 April 2022

RISK ASSESSMENT: "There Are Sharks Out There."


"You can come aboard the lifeboat, but I'm not jumping in after you because there are sharks out there." - Dallas Taylor

"They may get your drunk before you can get them sober" is an A.A. expression often heard in a Recovery Meeting. The suggestion is to not offer help to another person by going into a barroom unaccompanied by a fellow person in recovery.

When I first got sober, I got rehired at a bar I had worked at far from sober for many years. I stayed sober this time while pouring drinks for others. I thought the days of my dark descent into full-blown, textbook-case alcoholism were over. Somehow, I managed to stay Sober for a year and a few days before a drink somehow ended up being served to me and casually sipped by me without thinking. And then another and another until another year passed.

I guess my alcoholism was not as manageable as I had imagined. My eight-year stretch of going on the wagon and falling back off again began here.

Being a bartender was a rickety-ass lifeboat for me. It definitely was not my smartest move to get back into my bartending groove. Maybe now, with 18 years clean and sober I could! Others have. 

Everyone has to do their own Risk Assessment. My Risk Assessment is NEVER AGAIN!

Do as you Wish.

I drank like a Fish.

I was not a First-Time Winner.

The Sharks had me for dinner!


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