25 February 2022

"One is ONE TOO MANY and None is MORE than Enough."

No Thimbleful of Alcohol for me.
Numb is a number I no longer do.
Recovery has won, is one, is one.
Won't you join me too?
Addiction is a fixable fixation. 
Recovery is more livable.
Gratitude resides within it.
Together, we will share it.
Let me be unequivocal:
There is No Safe Harbor
When the Sea is Alcohol.

No Thimbleful of Alcohol for me.
I end it where I begin it. 
Every Ending, a New Beginning:
Where Addiction Ends,
Recovery Begins.
Everybody Wins.
More than enough.
One is too many and none is more than enough.
[Please note, this Verse is in neither book]:

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