26 February 2022

Surviving Addiction and Cancer for Another Day (A one-minute read)



"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." - Heraclitus
"New Beginnings Are Often Disguised as Painful Endings." - Lao Tzu
What once seemed like challenges to me have become opportunities as my resilience continues to build. Survivor of Addiction and of Cancer, I have become a little bit more bendable with time.
March 2018: 
The lump on my throat popped out when I raised my head to the water streaming down on me in the shower. I visited my family doctor who sent me to a local specialist. Suddenly, I'd graduated to Cancer. In fairly quick succession I'd visited a surgeon and two chemo and radiation specialists. My 7 weeks of chemo and radiation started in May and ended in July. 
The tools I had acquired over my then 13 years of recovery from addiction quickly dissolved my short-lived despair. By virtue of experience, I would not allow victimhood to smother me in self-pity
How we survive, how we recover and how we learn to be more present, more fully alive, are all in the stewpot of emotions and actions that have brought us to the present moment. We can stew in our own sour juices or thrive on the new perspectives that adversity have brought our way. 
In my recovery from addiction, I learned that I would not let my cancer diagnosis and treatment defeat me. I would and did emerge more-fully-whole.
February 2022:
My very recent tests show an absence of Cancer, but that does not mean an end to my recovery. I'm committed to staying connected with all Recovering Communities, Cancer, Addiction, and whatever else may present itself on my road ahead. 
From Playing the Pity-Seeking Victim to Becoming a Survivor finding Strength in Shared Courage, I have filled another day and another day has filled me.
This post could be a mile long. Perhaps it's best I made it wide instead, like the smile I intend.
Smile. We can do this, or we are done for. Smile.

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