13 August 2023

Alcohol is a Poison. *

I am a Man.

In my case, Man + Poison equaled being caught in a never-ending maze, nearly killing me.

For thirty years, from the age of 16 to 46, I drank daily. By the age of 25 I was a full-blown alcoholic who suffered near-daily blackouts and rarely, if ever, consumed less than 5 alcoholic beverages, usually much more each and every day.

Binge-drinking was the new norm and had become totally acceptable to me.

By my third decade of daily drinking, accidents, hospitals, detoxes, rehabs, firings, evictions, on and on.

DO THE MATH: 781 gallons of alcohol divided by 30 years of daily drinking = an average consumption rate around 9.1 ounces of alcohol per day, not an unreasonable amount by any estimate.

I will stand by the pictured statement: "MAN GUZZLES More Than 781 GALLONS of POISON and Lives to Tell"*


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*Alcohol is a drug and works on the brain and other body parts which may cause unwanted symptoms, poisoning and even death. 

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