30 October 2022

"Addicted to Chaos"?

The Culture of Addiction became a Culture of Chaos, at least for me it did. In the rooms of recovery, one often will hear some proclaim that they are addicted to chaos. It goes with the territory they may have recently left. 

It may feel downright uncomfortable at first, this clean and sober living thing, like a new pair of shoes that need some breaking in to become comfortable. 
Living decades in addiction's chaos was like living though a hurricane, seemingly without end. When it is finally over, we survivors survey the damage, salvage what we can and build anew.
There must be time to learn about our addictions and to learn more about our clean and sober selves.
We will find time to take action, to do all we can to move forward, to feel good in our skin.
Action and inaction.
Exercise and relaxation. 
Allow yourself the luxury of doing nothing on occasion.
Allow yourself the time to heal.
The days of addicted to chaos have ended.
Just breathe. 
Do nothing but breathe.

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