01 September 2022

PITY & CONTEMPT: Such Strange Bedfellows

It doesn't really matter who gave me simultaneous feelings of pity and contempt, famous or infamous. A Reader may wrongly (or rightly) speculate that this was merely a reflection on my storied past.

This person (to me) was obviously high on some drug or another, a depressant it would seem. Not that anyone should take any drug to temporarily take them out of the place they are into a place they would rather be. That is no longer my style, but trust me, I can relate to it. Perhaps (and most likely) that is why I was able to feel pity for someone who I also truly feel contempt for.

I actually felt a sense of peace after I sorted out these mixed feelings. Eventually, I felt one iota closer to someone for whom I feel no respect and for whom I normally try to disregard.

Perhaps you have felt similar surprise at such strange bedfellows at some time or another? I still feel a little sad about all of this and curiously touched by an almost equal sense of joy.

Such is the mix of common humanity at times felt by all of us. I am not alone. You are not alone. We are not alone. Such a conjugation increases my sense of community. 

We, in the Recovering Communities, have learned to appreciate how the slightest turn of the wheel changes the entire kaleidoscopic view before us.

I hope my horrendous choice of colors in the pictured lyrics presented brings most readers closer to pity than contempt (My sense of humor seems to have righted itself in the end).

There are too many people who are too high but who need help. For close to all of them my empathy is aroused. I, too, was once uncontrollably high. But this one single individual (described anonymously, above), caught publicly under the influence of drugs, has changed my perspective just one little bit.

We are all only human, breaking or becoming unbroken as the case may be.

For what it's worth: PEACE BE WITH YOU.

Thanks for helping me sort this all out, lol.


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