16 September 2022

PAUSE When Agitated (Better Yet: PAUSE to Prevent Future Agitation)

"As we go through the day we pause, when agitated... " - from the Big Book of A.A.

I've said it before and it bears repeating, to "pause, when agitated" is good advice to prevent a bad situation from becoming worse. Words and actions are difficult to retract once they have been put out into the Universe. That may be amended to form a habit of taking pause and with time, a calmer demeanor may become a welcome new aspect of self which reflection allows. Taking pause when you are excited, for example, may allow you to hold on to joyous moments as they are occurring. Memories may become deepened by having allowed yourself to reflect on them as they are happening. To absorb.

There is a Thai Proverb, "Life is short, so we must move very slowly." In this way, taking the time to pause in any number of situations promises better outcomes. To deliberate may fill our consciousnesses with good intentions and more pleasing results.

I suppose I might suggest much more, but for now, I will go back to doing nothing, "The Pause That Refreshes [with no need for a Beverage, Carbonated OR Alcoholic]."


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