07 June 2022

Poppycock! Hogwash! Balderdash!


Truly, there was a time when my very own words would have been scoffed at, ridiculed and made fun of by me. I didn't want to be true what my hospital records made abundantly clear: I was "dying from drinking," as my pictured quote clearly states. Despite not wanting to admit it, even to myself, drinking and drugging had torn apart the very fabric of my life until I was nothing but frayed edges, dying in the middle, deep down, far beyond my flesh and bone.

The "Grateful Recovering Alcoholic" that I'd heard parroted at A.A. Meetings at one time repulsed me. A Bunch of Do-Good Know-Nothings is what I thought at one time.

I would come to find, laboriously, that I was wrong. With time, patience and a little elbow grease, I would learn to Live in Recovery, to Love Living in Recovery and to be "Living with Love."

As my third therapist (or was it fourth?) once expressed, "If it took you 30 years to get completely lost in the forest of Addiction, you can't expect to find your way out in 30 minutes or 30 days."

"Time takes Time" as the impactful and sometimes meaningless sounding adage goes.

Today, my own words from 18 years ago mean more to me than ever.

They have passed the Test of Time.

And so have I. 

Today, I am a "Grateful Recovering Alcoholic."

Each day I choose the path that will allow me to enjoy another day of Recovery. 

If my words today do not ring true for you, I have 3 words for you...


"Grateful Recovering Alcoholic"

Come Full Circle. 

Recovery is Progressive, too.


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