24 May 2022

WE'VE ALL LOST OUR MARBLES (Now the Question is... )


The missing Caption to this drawing (pictured) goes something like this: "We've discovered the problem. There was a loose marble in the ashtray."
We all tend, at times, to make a mountain out of a molehill. Now, when it comes to marbles, where we lost them, where we might find them and how we might learn to use them again, the waters become murky.
On one hand, we may complicate things in our search, much as the mechanics in this cartoon illustrate, and on the other hand, we must strive to make everything "as simple as possible, but not simpler" as Albert Einstein has been noted for saying. 
Between the extremes of Over-Complicated & Over-Simplified, I have come to believe (after around 8 years of relapses and 5 years of continuous sobriety) that The Middle Way usually works best for me. 
I lived my life for 30 years of daily intoxication at both extremes of the spectrum and to continue to search for my marbles at these depths and heights in my recovery would be closer to the wanderings of a drunken sailor than a stalwart searcher for a sober life of meaning and substance.
All of which leads me, finally, to comment that your marbles may be closer at hand than you may first suspect in searching distant horizons. Start your search in the daylight, in the moment, inside of yourself. 
Now the Question is "What to do with them?"
For me, the Answer has turned out to be "Help Others."
For in Helping Others, I have often found myself closer to finding myself.
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