10 March 2021



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The Idea of Progress is Passed on from One Generation to the Next. 
I was that Next Generation to Mac (pictured here), who I'll loosely call my A.A. Sponsor, but who, more importantly, is the man who inspired me to chance taking my next step forward. Sadly, Mac is deceased. I am one of the many to whom Mac gave the Mantle of Responsibility to Pass on the Idea of Infinite Possibilities to those who would follow him. Then, from me to you and from you to whomever is your Next Generation. 
Wear your Recovery like a Loose-Fitting Garment. It will require Modifications and Adjustments with the Passage of Time.
Learn the Give and Take of Human Connection. It's about all I have and all I can offer you.
After multiple relapses, it became clear to me: The Prism of EMPOWERMENT or the Prison of ADDICTION. If the choice were easy, there'd be no need for Recovery Books, Recovery Meetings, On-line Groups and the Whole Shebang of Recovery Options. 
Choose wisely. Choose many.
Mac was my Prism. He Empowered me. No Greater Gift have I Ever Received. Almost by Definition, it is my Responsibility to Give Back.
Thank You, Mac, for All That You Have Freely Given Me (Capital M for me, here, for in Recovery, We Learn to be Bigger Than Ourselves).
Prism accepted. 
Mantle worn loosely.
Gratitude unending.
That's all I have and that is enough Just For Today.
I hope you enjoy ALL DRINKING ASIDE: The Destruction, Deconstruction & Reconstruction of an Alcoholic Animal  

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