31 December 2018

Pie-Eyed, Plastered, Tipsy, Tanked & Toasted (& Other Euphemisms that no longer apply to me)

I DO NOT GO TO PARTIES - if what you mean by parties is drunken brawls where I am expected to drink myself unconscious. I no longer celebrate by drinking everyone under the table.
You may know dozens or hundreds who let their hair down by drinking like a fish....
Bob no longer paints the town red, pie-eyed, plastered and pissing into the wind.
Bill doesn't swill one drink after the other until he is blotto.
Lois no longer waits up for her husband to return from a night of clubbing drunk as a skunk, shit-faced.
We (yes, there are many of us) no longer get tipsy, tanked and toasted.
You may love to get hammered, sloshed and snockered, but, I DO NOT GO TO PARTIES, if what you mean by parties is getting obliterated beyond recognition.
Recognize this: I am an alcoholic in long-term recovery and I love to party, but not that way. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I am not a social drinker. I have an allergy to alcohol whereby I break out... in handcuffs. 
You? You may do all of the above, remembering that for those of us who don't "nothing matters more than that we remain sober because when we remain sober everything matters more."
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