14 April 2018



The utter emptiness of my world spilled out and I was left with nothing. Alcohol was my everything. It replaced all else, in turns quickly and slowly. I consumed Alcohol. Alcohol consumed me. An Alcoholic Animal, an Alien in the World of the Not Addicted. Sympathy and Empathy were beyond my slightest comprehension.
I could only write this later, much later, many years later: "When I drink, the only world there is, is alcohol. I will drink until I blackout and I will continue drinking until I pass out. More is the only word I know. More, until I blackout and then still more until my body shuts down and I pass out. And somehow, even then, more is not enough. My disease cannot ever be satisfied. When there is nothing else, there is always more.
More is everything... and nothing.
I will never be like most normal folks.
When I drink, the only world there is, is alcohol."
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