10 January 2017

High-Functioning Alcoholic?

I once thought of myself as a high-functioning alcoholic, never admitting to what degree I was dysfunctional. Not knowing I would have performed better free of my addiction. High and barely functioning would have more aptly described me.
Today, I function well because I am in long-term recovery. Strong roots, a solid foundation and flights of fancy keep me free and unfettered. On my best days, gratitude is a walking meditation.
I am high (alcohol-free) and I am fully-functioning. 
I was a chronic substance abuser.  But today, I am in long-term recovery.
The drinking life is over. Sober living is my one and only way.

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This post is not excerpted from All Drinking Aside, but it is a bridge, 
a window and a door to what you will find there....
All Drinking Aside: The Destruction, Deconstruction & Reconstruction
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