01 January 2017

"Do not kill her in front of me. Show me her body when you have finished." - Thandi Shezi's mother

(Sept. 1988, on the occasion of being forced to watch the savage beating of her daughter by South African police prior to her arrest.)*

Another mother, on Facebook, spoke to my core recently, expressing the same brutality exacted upon her daughter by addiction.
This is the third mother in my recent memory, exasperated, who had reached that point of overwhelming heartbreak.
Somewhere, tonight, a mother is crying out in anguish over the power that is addiction. Addiction is killing her daughter, out of reach. "Do not kill her in front of me. Show me her body when you have finished," she begs.
Everybody is recovering from something and sometimes that something is another person's addiction.
Grief. Anguish. Pain. Addiction spreads in ever-widening circles.
The chains of addiction must be broken. 
Hearts will heal, must heal. Thoughts unspoken, silent meditations shatter the night.
Ever-widening circles of hope.
Hope must conquer, will conquer.
Remember that there are whole worlds in recovery, that recovery is possible, doable, magnificent.
Recovery lives.
Strive on!

*(from "Capture: Unraveling the Mystery of Mental Suffering" by David A. Kessler, M.D., p. 253)
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