05 May 2022

"JIM, what is it with you? Is Every Damned Thing About RECOVERY to You?



"Without music, life would be a mistake... I would only believe in a god who knew how to dance." - Friedrich Nietzsche 

I ask myself theoretical, theatrical and rhetorical questions (as inferred in this Nietzsche quote) every day.

The answer, always, travels me into a tangent, a tangerine, the smell and touch of an easy peel. I dance around Recovery every day as if around the May Pole. A Celebration of Spirit. 

Today, I saw a picture of a Leprechaun Drunk on Cinco de Mayo. 

I hated every Holiday in my Drinking Daze. 

Holidays brought out all the Amateur, Social Drinkers to the Bars. They were not welcomed by me. They got between me and my next drink.

Tangerine, Tambourine, Trampoline. I Dance them all, Sober and Serene.

Yes, in answer to your question: EVERY DAMNED THING IS ABOUT RECOVERY to me.

Celebrate, thou Kings & Queens, but Humbly, my Friends, for Recovery is a Dream that must be held lightly, not too tightly. Addiction lacked meaningful frivolity. Addiction lacked everything.

And so, you see, Recovery is my Everything. 

So, yes, and yes and yes and yes. I dance.


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