01 May 2022



"In order to gain anything, we must first lose everything." - Buddhist saying

Recovery Beats Addiction by an Overwhelming Majority Every Time!

There were a few pluses in the early stages of my drug and alcohol use. CHOOSE TO USE did once apply but once Use became Addiction, it was a losing proposition. Midway through, I was already through. I just didn't know it yet. Drug and alcohol use had become an investment of sorts so no matter how out-of-sorts I became, I would learn to win the game (or so I thought). Wrong. So Wrong. It was in Recovery that I would learn to Surrender.

Upon Reflection, the Balance Sheets Read Zero. 50,000+ Doses of Drinks and Other Drugs lead me to one inevitable conclusion. The Drinking Life was Killing Me and I was left with nothing. Again, and again.

This Buddhist saying, "In order to gain anything, we must first lose everything" could not ring truer for me. I was reduced to nothing and less than nothing when I first hit bottom and with each relapse which followed over that first eight-year period of my recovery. 

RECOVERY IS MY EVERYTHING. There is simply no comparison.

Hands down, Addiction loses every time.

I sip my tea (coffee, if truth be told) with a sense of incomparable Solitude and Belonging.

"Who Could Ask for Anything More?"


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