02 February 2022




"The research is unequivocal that putting someone who is addicted into prison or jail actually exacerbates their condition and puts them at much greater risk for relapse." - Dr. Nora Volkow, the Director of the Federal Government's National Institute on Drug Abuse, quoted here in the January 30, 2022 New York Times article, "A Novel Drug Decriminalization Plan" by Maia Szalavitz, p. 3.

Is Addiction a Crime or a Disease?

Oh, how Too Many People Wish to Exact Revenge for the Perceived Moral Failure of Any and All with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD). LOCK THEM UP! PUNISH THEM! TEACH THEM a LESSON they will never forget. The Illogic here is that Stiff Punishments for Drug Use will serve to somehow prevent possession and use of drugs. To Punish Addicts as Criminals for Simple Possession of Small Quantities of Substances for Personal Use in my opinion GOES BEYOND THE PALE.

Threats of Punishment for Use Does Not and Cannot Prevent, Educate or Rehabilitate Drug Users, but the Punishment Continues Relentlessly.

Chronic, Excessive, Uncontrollable. I know these words. I have lived inside these words. Guilt, Shame, Remorse. I know and have lived inside these words as well.

Crime and Punishment will not fill the bill for those so suffering, although it may assuage those Substance Free individuals who are looking for an easy fix (YES, I intentionally use the word 'fix' here because it shows the unrecognized commonality between the 'criminal' and the upholders of stiff penalties for any level of drug use and no level of help for the Substance User.)


Nothing Fixed. Stigma Perpetuated.

Punish Crime.

Decriminalize Addiction.

Prevent. Educate. Rehabilitate.



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