24 January 2019

15 New & Improved "Favorite Recovery Tweets" (with a few links)

(in alphabetical order, not in order by favorites [BTW, my favorites are 4, 10 & 12].)

1) 88,000 people a year die of alcohol-related causes, more than twice the annual death toll of opiate overdose. - WashPost

2) Alcohol took over the desire for all else, including the desire to stop.

3) The art in concentration camps was produced despite the facts, not because of them. So, too, what I wrote when drunk. Despite addiction.

4) By The Time I Had A Reason To Quit Drinking, Reason No Longer Had Anything To Do With It. 

(This Tweet links with this LinkedIn Post):https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/time-i-had-reason-quit-longer-anything-do-jim-anders/?published=t
5) Cognitive Dissonance: Alcohol, an Avalanche, Comforting as it Kills...
(This Tweet links with this LinkedIn Post):https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/alcoholic-problem-up-deaths-door-alcohol-comforting-kills-jim-anders/?published=t 

6) EMPATHY'S SOBER BEGINNINGS: "Bleeding Now Where I Didn't Bleed Then"​: "Addiction blocked out and eventually shut down my ability to empathize during my alcoholic descent.... " 
(This Tweet links with this LinkedIn Post):https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/empathys-sober-beginnings-bleeding-now-where-i-didnt-bleed-jim-anders/?published=t …
7) "Every recovery meeting is an intervention between me and the first drink." - p. 81, All Drinking Aside
8) The Flow of Alcohol is Beaten by The Flow of Life. (The River of Time is Slow & Deep)
9) "I did WHAT? WHEN? (Time Travel, as Goes the Alcoholic)"
(This Tweet links with the LinkedIn Post titled "An Emotional Pendulum Created & Propagated by Alcohol's Daily Highs & Lows... "): https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/i-did-what-when-time-travel-goes-alcoholic-jim-anders/?published=t …

10) I was surviving when I drank & became a survivor when I stopped.

11) "Pills for everything except for who I am." - p. 213, All Drinking Aside

12) The punishment for addiction is time served.

(This Tweet links with this LinkedIn Post): 

13) What the hell is a "C.A.G.E.D. / G.R.A.P.E.S. / W.I.S.H."? 

(This Tweet links with this LinkedIn Post):

14) What would ONE WORD for EVERY DRINK I ever had look like? Well, the 82,313 words in [my book] just about cover it.

15) When I first got sober, I thought my life would be leafless and dull. Instead, my life went from NEVER green to EVERGREEN!
Lucky for me, this list ends on a sweet note. 
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