31 December 2018

#ADDICTION "... Couldn't Get Any Worse" & then it DID

I could not have been convinced "before I quit drinking that I would ever quit. I sort of imagined myself as some ancient, noble Eskimo, wandering off into the northern lights with bottle in hand to die some unknown, tragic, heroic and drunken death. I romanticized my disease when I was drinking until the reality got so bad that the romance had to die, with me following on its coattails. At each step in my slow, downward progression I would tell myself that it couldn't get any worse and that however bad I was, it wasn't anything that another drink couldn't fix. But it did and could and would always get worse. Never would I think to stop drinking. Attempts to modify my drinking to a more reasonable amount of consumption failed on a nightly basis. My resolve dissolved. My 'Drinking Man's Guide to Bar Exercise' lost all momentum on the stillness of my barstool."
It wasn't until I got sober that I realized how common the "it couldn't get any worse" phenomenon is. I was not alone. You are not alone. We are not alone.
Conjugate your sobriety. I, you, he, she, we, you and they know what 'it' is.
"It couldn't get any worse" and then it did. Don't drink and I, you, he, she, we, you and they will get better.
Seemingly, 'it' (alcohol) will survive beyond any 20 million suns, but I, I, cannot survive with 'it.'
My drink is broken.
Truer words have ne'er been spoken!
"Nothing matters more than that we remain sober because when we remain sober everything matters more."
#Alcoholism #Addiction #Recovery
Passages in quotes are excerpted from ALL DRINKING ASIDE: The Destruction, Deconstruction & Reconstruction of an Alcoholic Animal (on Amazon.com) http://amzn.to/1bX6JyO 
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