02 February 2023

Valentine's Day Poem Free for You to Share: "I Want to Kiss You Everywhere!"​

[Written more than half a lifetime ago, I unearthed this gem recently. It shows a side of me from before the publication of "All Drinking Aside," my first book.]

"I Want to Kiss You EVERYWHERE!"
Jim Anders

I want to kiss you everywhere.
On your mouth. On the beach. On Tuesday.
On your neck. On the bus. Was it yesterday?
On your chest. Am I blessed? Can it be soon?
On your arms. Oh, your charms. Upon the moon.
And your waist, I can taste. And in June.
I want to kiss you everywhere.
Like a child, sometimes mild, sometimes not.
On your thighs. On your eyes. Damn, you're hot.
On your feet. On your cheek for all I've got.
On your wrist. And for a twist, in the park.
In the dark. In the light. On your heart.
I want to kiss you everywhere.
Going downtown. Going all around. 
Kissing everywhere. In the kitchen. On the stair.
When you smile. Should you frown.
Show me how. Tell me where. Tell me when.
And then I'll kiss you everywhere again.
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