07 June 2022

Dreams/Reality, Addiction/Recovery

Most people in the Recovering Communities will immediately know what "You can have Drunk Dreams Sober, but you can't have Sober Dreams Drunk" means. 

But it may be a tough nut to crack, perhaps even more so if you're not as Squirrely as I.

You can't Drive Sober if You're Drunk. If you think you can, You're Dreaming, But You're Still Drunk. If You're Drunk, You're Drunk, Dream or No Dream.

I had Drunk Dreams Every Day for Months(!) when I first got Sober. But I was Sober. And they were only Dreams.

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein

"You can have Drunk Dreams Sober, but you can't have Sober Dreams Drunk" - Let's leave it at that.


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