20 May 2022




"Everything you own, owns a part of you." - Gracie Allen

Air. Fire. Water. 

These are everyone's and no one's.

Two days ago, I fasted for 38 hours. I caught myself a dozen and more times thinking of food. The bowl of gumdrops on my desk had to be removed. It surprised me that I really didn't get very hungry. Perhaps knowing I would not starve, that food would be had when my fasting ended sustained me.

 "Everything you own, owns a part of you." 

Addiction took most everything away from me. In Recovery, I have learned to live a very simple life, possession-wise. 

I breathe. I eat. A book or two. A few close friends. No fancy clothes or car, not even a bike. Someone gave me a much-needed new pair of sneakers last week. That was kind. And good.

My life seems to suit me fine these days. Change comes my way when I look for it and sometimes most when I'm looking least of all.

Accumulating a ton of possessions was not my way in my addiction and it surely is not my way in Recovery. I don't prescribe or even suggest how others might or should live. 

Live and let live suits me best.

My simple life is all I own, and Recovery is my everything.


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