09 February 2022


"At my second two-week Rehab at the Institute for Human Development [now John Brooks Recovery Center (JBRC)], ... high on Librium as we detoxify on alcohol and other drugs, one guy gave five or six of us a new haircut, one after the other. That was the symbolic start of the emergence of a new and sober self for me. An aboriginal ritual. 'Today you are a man. Free of alcohol and drugs. Go forth. Build a new life.' None of that was said aloud, of course, and the symbol of the haircut and the reality of the haircut were quite different things.

Am I splitting hairs?
Yes, but wisely (Har-de-har-har hair)."

Without OTHERS, my Recovery would be un-doable & un-sustainable. In no time flat, I would be replaced by a Relapse (and unknown consequences leading up to and likely including death).

With the help of OTHERS (this is a very partial list), these are some of my stops on my trip to a life of Recovery:
JBRC (twice)
AtlantiCare Hospital (countless times)
Homeless Buddies in & out of Recovery (homeless twice)
Atlantic City Detox (back-in-the-day, twice)
Lakewood Hospital (extended stay)
Atlantic City Rescue Mission (twice, once sober, once not)
and with a Host of OTHERS, I have remained Clean & Sober. Two books later, I have accumulated 18 years of continuous recovery. Instead of "Rain Money," I'm calling this "Rain Recovery/Long May Recovery Reign"!!!
Let me end by saying "THANKS!" to You and to All the Many OTHERS without whom I would not even be here today!!!
Recovery is doable, sustainable, irreplaceable.
Share the Riches of your Recovery 
(Long May Recovery Reign!)
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