19 February 2022

(4) Things the Imaginaries Said I COULD NOT HEAR & (6) Things the Imaginaries OVERHEARD ME SAY

The Imaginaries (there are three of them) overheard everything I said, but I took no notice of them. 

1. I measured my life in pints instead of hours.

2. Being drunk allowed me to deal with the drunk in me.

3. When I thought I could stay sober alone, I wound up drinking alone.

4. You are what you eat, but what are you when you are only what you drink?

5. How many keys did I have to lose before I would learn that alcohol no longer opened doors?

6. Diplomatically searching for others equally high, we (my disease and I) would manufacture memories out of blackouts like free-range intoxicated chickens. 

For the Imaginaries, Illusion is their common bond. They saw the Insanity in my Early Recovery. They shared amongst themselves more than I share with you here.

Is it any wonder, when the Imaginaries heard me say things such as these, unheard by me, among other things, they shared:

1. "His sobriety, at first, was like a bad translation." 

2. "When he turns his back on empathy, he turns his back upon himself."

3. "It seems that every time he starts to make a little sense, he just seems to slide back into emotional chaos."

4. "His addiction to alcohol replaced all other desires, finally, and nearly, the desire to live."

[All of the above chaos, relatively at random is excerpted from a dozen or so pages of the first quarter of my first book. My second book was just released, so I took a short look back, flipping through a few pages. To Decide if Either, Neither or Both of my books are up your alley, I encourage you to check out their Amazon pages linked below. THANKS!]

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