11 November 2020

Recovery's UNVARNISHED TRUTH: Do nothing, stay trapped. DO GOOD, GET WELL SOONER


Thanks to a Jan T. (I will protect her Anonymity), today I was reminded of my last Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor (someone who, like you, is in Recovery and offers a helping hand and Guidance so that you may find another sober day). He lived a long, productive and honored life and maintained and flourished with over 60 years of continuous sobriety. He died sober and thanks to him, that is my best intention.

When I first got sober, the first 8 years were endless repetitions of relapse and recovery. One man did for me what a battery of doctors, therapists and psychiatrists were unable to do (partly, of course, due to my inability to following their best advice).

My Sponsor, M.M., after a deluge of discussions, one day, when I was completely perplexed and didn't know what to do next, offered me a small bit of advice that changed and likely saved my life. To paraphrase, he offered that when I don't know what to do next to gain another day of sobriety, I should help someone else. It's a Win/Win situation. Helping them in whatever way possible helps both of you. 

My experience has confirmed this to be true. In a larger sense, each generation passes the mantle on to their successors. And so, life goes on.


Back to Jan T. (from the first sentence of this post): Jan got to know me through one of the many Recovery Groups I belong to on Facebook. She liked my posts and is currently reading the book of recovery I wrote, despite the fact that I've never met her in person. Today, she sent me a personal message saying verbatim: 

"Page 125 

He's talking to his disease

That is insane.

I declare myself insane - [smiley face, laughing till you cry face]"

I replied to her: "It's an eye-opener for people who have never had a substance use disorder!

HERE'S WHERE SHE KNOCKED ME OVER with a flood of memories of the life of the man who had saved my life. She shared with me that she had sent a passage from my book to a friend this very morning. If I understand correctly, the passage she sent her friend was about people who shut others out of their life simply to see who might persist to open that door.

Jan told me that her friend contacted her within minutes.

She concluded with a "Thank you, Jim."

When Jan reads this post, I'm hoping that she will understand that helping someone else is a Win/Win situation and in this case, a Win/Win/Win/Win situation (if you get my drift).


I say this truly, thanks!

Do nothing, stay trapped. 



"Nothing matters more than that we remain sober because when we remain sober everything matters more." - All Drinking Aside, p. 269. 


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