25 December 2017

These 4 Short Reviews Score ALL DRINKING ASIDE 5***** Stars

1) By Gail Mary
Brilliance at it's absolute best!!! Captivating to say the least!!! Unlike any other book on the beast of the bottle!!!!
2) By Scott H
I appreciated his sharing of what is a intense and frightening story. It was a pleasure reading and his writing is well balanced in being entertaining as well as inspiring. His quotations reveal some heartfelt humility and intelligent humor.
3) By Marlene 
Humor, satire, fantasy...the book has it all. This autobiographical "fiction" will make you laugh; nod your head in agreement; question. You don't need to be an alcoholic ( active or passive, past or present ) to relate to Jim's characters and situations. My wife and I have totally enjoyed reading it.
4) By David W. MacDonald 
Autobiographical novel? So I probably wouldn't need my high-lighter, right WRONG!!! The book was so good that I found myself starting to bend the corners of certain pages and finally broke down and started high-lighting many passages. Much of the book is now high-lighted in yellow. Jim Anders tells the journey inside the mind of an alcoholic/addict from the beginnings through recovery. Whether or not you are an addict/alcoholic, we all know someone who is (often in our family). This book clears away the mystery of much that is going on. I highly recommend it and am already thinking of people to whom I might gift it.
"Nothing matters more than that we remain sober because when we remain sober everything matters more."
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