28 December 2015

2015: How My Recovery Year Looked Back Then...

A favorite visual link is the cover of the national internet and newsstand magazine The Sober World. Page 20 of their June issue features my full-page article titled "This Sober Day." This, my 11th year of continuous sobriety, could well be called This Sober Year. "This Sober Day" captures the flavors and textures one would certainly find in my first full-length (286 pages) book, "All Drinking Aside: The Destruction, Deconstruction and Reconstruction of An Alcoholic Animal."
To read "This Sober Day" in The Sober World magazine, click on "Past Issues" on their homepage: http://thesoberworld.com/ Click on june15_issue on the second row, then turn to page 20. You're there. Enjoy this sober day (that's the point!)
If you proceed to January 2015 of my blog
http://alldrinkingaside.blogspot.com, you'll find my review of Rochelle Peoria's book, "Rebalancing the Addictive Mind":
Come February, I posted my review of "Empathy: Why It Matters, and How to Get It" which closes with a link to Roman Krznaric's "Empathic Revolution" site:
In February I also made note of Paul Roberts' "The Impulse Society: America in the Age of Instant Gratification." (I picked it up on impulse, LOL)
By the time May rolled around, I included a "People Quiz" highlighting 48 of the 90 Famous, Infamous and Anonymous luminaries who people "All Drinking Aside" (note: I wrote the damned book and had a hard time guessing who the hell said what, so don''t dismay).
My June blog featured the aforementioned The Sober World magazine article and a book signing at Kimmie's heart emoticon Knick heart emoticon Knack heart emoticon Shack in Atlantic City's Historic Gardener's Basin.
My July blog is crammed with some cream of the crop. My review of "Seeking Serenity: The 10 New Rules for Health and Happiness in the Age of Anxiety" by Amanda Enayati
is preceded by my post on July 5th in which I am interviewed by Lisa Fredericksen (Author of "If You Loved Me, You'd Stop! What You Really Need To Know When Your Loved One Drinks Too Much)
Here's the link to Lisa's book (which, BTW, I will be reviewing this January, 2016):
Skipping forward to October, I took a small part in a poetry group which meets monthly in Atlantic City's Dante Hall and is sponsored by Stockton University. My poem, "Flying Rivers," went over well with most in the audience and went over heads with others, LOL.
"10 Reasons Why I Write" was my published response In Marie Lavender's 250th Anniversary Event:
(Reprinted on my blog page on November 22nd).
This year has ended so nicely. Bert Lopez, the host of "Latino Motion," TV show, interviewed me at his Stockton University studio (My interview segment, in English, is just over 6 minutes: 01:39 - 08:12). Here is the link to YouTube:
In closing, I just want to mention that my blog also contains many quotes from "All Drinking Aside," as well as various and sundry other reviews, links and posts of possible interest to readers.
I'll close with additional links and note that for additional information, please write to me at alldrinkingaside@yahoo.com.
Read all the Five Star ***** Reader Reviews / Order the Kindle
version of "All Drinking Aside" and/or the Printed version here:
Read more excerpts here:
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Jim Anders
P.S. Wishing Everyone a Happy and Healthy 2016!!!
Meanwhile, "Back at the Ranch," look forward to my Daily Recovery Posts, when possible.
Thank you.

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