23 June 2022


"When we allow ourselves to feel our feelings, what should be intolerable becomes intolerable." - Kenny Loggins

Truly, this is where alcohol and drugs took me. Never was Numb Dumbness (No Words, No Feelings, Dead.) my chosen destination, but it seems to have been the destination of my addictions all along.

Calling a Dead-End Dead may sound redundant to those easily fooled (me, me, me), but images in the Mirror called Time are sometimes Closer than they appear, sometimes Further. Beware. 

CUT TO THE CHASE: When the Chase was Done, I was Done in. There was No Way Left to Win.

Admit Complete Defeat.

Not knowing what was possible, if anything else was possible, I did.

Addiction was Impossible. Life became Possible. 

Even knowing that, I also know: Addiction is "a Subtle Foe" (as A.A. correctly proclaims of Alcohol). Dumb. Numb. Drugs.

My Addictions had become Intolerable: "When we allow ourselves to feel our feelings, what should be intolerable becomes intolerable." - Kenny Loggins

Throw what is left of your life into a box. Sort it out. Life starts living here.


Find the space between my words.

You are there.


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