24 June 2022



The Earth takes one full spin upon itself, and the day is done.

One trip around the Sun and a New Year has begun.

I Spin and Spin and Spin (sometimes with no direction), and with some fair regularity, lead myself to Sleep.

"OK, Sleeping Brain, now it's your turn. I have neither the time nor inclination to toss and turn for hours before I sleep. Sleeping Brain, DO YOUR JOB! Solve my problems, calm my doubts, help me find new ways to shine when I arise!"

My Waking Brain is fairly inept and too easily distracted. My Sleeping Brain does most of my heavy lifting. 


GRATITUDE #2 is for you, Gentle Reader. This list will be short and sweet and surely incomplete.

I appreciate the Show that Life presents to me. Gratitude is Contagious in a warm and nuzzling way, changing Smell and Taste in newfound, Comforting Ways. It rubs off whether or not that was your intention. Time seems to take the day off in Gratitude's Neighborhood. 

Gratitude, a small child eyeing you on the doorway's edge. "Peek-a-boo. I'm here."

It shows itself in Selfless Compassion and Joyful Awareness. It wants to have Fun on the most Serious of days. Drop your masks of Anger and Frustration when Gratitude enters or it will strip them from you, like it or not.

Let's call that GRATITUDES #'s 3 & 4. Or 5. Whatever you wish. Gratitude does not keep score.

Gratitude both Calms and Heals. But don't forget what Grief it may Prevent. 

Gratitude will inspire Patience, Courage and Confidence.

Trust it. 

"The World is Still, and I am Moved. Now is a Food and I am Full."



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