24 October 2021

My Recovery Date & Birthdate are Intertwined. Here's WHY August 30th is my DOUBLE-DAY!:


My Birthdate and my Recovery Date fall some months and many years apart.

I began living on the day I was born, of course, a bit too obvious, yet no less true.
And no less true, this second life in Recovery that I am living, that I began Really living.

Addiction is dying. Addiction sucks the life right out of you.
I began living this second life on the day my Recovery began.

Let's figure this out: Sobriety Date: June 18th. Birthdate: October 24th. The MIDPOINT of these two days is August 30th. I HEREBY PROCLAIM AUGUST 30TH AS MY DOUBLE-DAY!

What's your Double-Day? Midway between Your Birth & Your Marriage? Your Graduation & the Birth of your First Child? The Day Between the Day you Quit Your Job & Found an Even Better One?

Everybody has a Double-Day! What's Yours? What's Yours? What's Yours?
My Recovery Date & Birthdate are Intertwined. Here's WHY: Because. Because. Because. 
Finally, I got my way. August 30th is my DOUBLE-DAY!

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