30 October 2020

PUBLIC DRUNKENNESS: It's Halloween, so We'll Allow It


Holidays are glorious excuses for public drunkenness. 
It's a little easier coasting through almost any Holiday where many others are nearly drunk as you. More lampshades are worn by budding alcoholics and social drinkers on Halloween than any given Saturday night. For many, the occasional state of intoxication on Holidays is looked at as an apparition in which one is merely cloaked, a joke, a Roman holiday. But don't worry, a cultural carte-blanche, anything goes passport to inebriation will be given to you at the Bar Room door.
"What are you going as?"
Never the reply "my future self."
Ill-fitting at first, drunkenness stopped being a costume and I became accustomed to it. A daily dousing deemed delicious. See how one can dress one's words to sounds almost poetic? Of course, you know, I'm being antithetical.
Word drunk. I think I'm being found a word drunk here.
Sentence Use Disorder or Substance Use Disorder (SUD). It's a game, oh-don't-you-know.
"Sorry I thought your outfit was a Halloween costume," she says.
"Of course it is, Blanche. Of course it is," comes back the reply.
My Built-in Holiday excuses are over.
Every day's a holiday now, you see, so long as I remain sober.
If anyone reading this should take offense, remember Dear, I'm talking to myself, The Ghost of Halloweens Past.
End of Scene. Lampshade returned beneath its finial. 
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