25 July 2020

10-ONE-LINERS: Unrelated or Inextricably Intertwined?*


(In random order, alphabetically by the first word of each):

1. Being drunk allowed me to deal with the drunk in me.
2. "But when he turns his back on empathy, he turns his back upon himself."
3. Diplomatically searching for others equally high, we (my disease and I) would manufacture memories out of blackouts like free-range intoxicated chickens.
4. "His sobriety, at first, was like a bad translation."
5. How many keys did I have to lose before I would learn that alcohol on longer opened doors?
6. I measured my life in pints instead of hours.
7. "If the brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we could not." - Emerson Pugh
8. "It's not trespassing when you cross your own boundaries." - Anonymous
9.. When I thought I could stay sober alone, I wound up drinking alone.
10. You are what you eat, but what are you when you are only what you drink?

*For what it's worth, all 10 One-Liners popped up within a dozen or so pages of a book I'm re-reading.

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