03 June 2018

# 10 (of 50) Cancer Stigma / Addiction Stigma / Stigma Schmigma!

Abracadabra! Shazam!
Words won't make IT! go away (Whispered, aghast at first, "I have cancer.").
But Silence is not a Cure for Cancer, Alcoholism or a host of other Alphabet Soup Afflictions (Whispering, hoping against hope, will not cure IT!). Stigma laughs in the face of fear and denial (Fear... Denial... Oh, I was so afraid and denied my fear with a frozen exterior, a decaying interior, way, way back in my dying days of addiction).
Right off the bat how could anyone so simply proclaim, "I have Cancer!"?
Never could it be so simple to pronounce. (It was once so easy to ignore, deny, continue down my destructive alcoholic path. I was programmed for silence, raised behind white picket fences. Ignore whatever it is and it will go away.) My decades' long struggles in addiction and recovery had paved the way for me to more easily state firmly today, resolutely today, "I have Cancer." No question. No hesitation. I am an Alcoholic in Long-Term Recovery. And I have Cancer.
Learning how to say, "I am an Alcoholic" was once a very big deal on the emotional level, having to face the Truth after Decades of Denial. If I were still drinking, I'd have never been diagnosed with cancer because I would have simply continued drinking. Dental Health, Mental Health, Financial Health, in the all-or-nothing of addiction's orb, all manners of health were "much ado about nothing" (Thanks, W.S.). Alcohol was my everything until I was nothing but a shell, capable of only being filled by my most intoxicating "More!"
Now, I live in recovery from addiction. And now that I am in recovery with cancer....

Cancer Will Not Own Me / Control Me / Lessen Me

That is my Clarity ("Cancer Stigma / Addiction Stigma / Stigma Schmigma!," catchy little title that it is, true as it is, tongue-in-cheek as it is, feigns the power over things even greater than myself that recovery has taught me. I must continue to learn to{Insert Serenity Prayer here}: "... accept the things I cannot change, ... change the things I can. and... know the difference" between those two things. It is not joke. Cancer is real, got real. Fast!
Just as I have learned to say...

Addiction Will Not Own Me / Control Me / Lessen Me

I have cancer. I am an alcoholic in long-term recovery. And with the crystal clarity of sheer repetition, here, let me repeat it once again,

Cancer Will Not Own Me / Control Me / Lessen Me

It's another beautiful day in recovery. I am. You are. We are.
Conjugate THAT, Stigma-Schmigma!

(Strive on!)

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Finally, whether it be Cancer, Addiction, Alcoholism, Recovery or All of the Above,
"Hear Ye, Hear Ye... Read All About it, Wherever, Whenever, However!
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