22 May 2018

CANCER POST (# 2 of 50): "Increase Alcohol Use with Prescription Medicine"

This the 2nd of 50 posts on #Recovery from #Addiction, #Alcoholism and #Cancer


I know I'm going all over the place here, but like the joke about what an alcoholic needs...
(A roof over the head, food on the table and someone to blame)... Day Two into Chemo-Therapy and Radiation-Therapy, my going all over the place is blamed on "Chemo-Fog," as I've been told and so as I excusably believe.
It seems everyone needs someone or something on which to blame their erratic, unpredictable and un-understandable feelings and behaviors.
"From the Ridiculous to the Sublime...," so similar, yet so different, like lemon & lime, I hope you will savor the flavor of all 50 posts.
QUICK INTRO to Posts 1, 2, & 3 through 50? I am Alcoholic with 13+ yrs. of Continuous Sobriety after an 8 year period of Chronic and Perpetual Relapse. Now, leading a Solid & Joyous Life in Recovery, I Face Cancer & Cancer Recovery.
These 50 Posts are my tool in Recovery from BOTH!
I AM A TOOL! (I've been called worse, in my drinking career, and as recently as yesterday.)
Without further ado, here is "Increase Alcohol Use with Prescription Medicine" (for me, and... )for you:
"Increase Alcohol Use with Prescription Medicine," was how I intentionally misread ALL PRINTED WARNINGS on all Prescription Medicine and Over-the-Counter Medications back in my 30 year / 50,000+ drinks drinking career. (Redundant: over and over again, like addiction, yada-yada-yada)
WARNING! DO NOT FOLLOW this "Increase Alcohol Use with Prescription Medicine" headline. It is Addict Thinking / Alcoholic Thinking. Poor Thinking. Face it.... It's not thinking, at all.
CANCER is serious.
This is day two in my recovery process.
I no longer follow DR. JIM's orders (back in the day that lasted for years). I follow my team of doctors' and other health specialists' orders to the T. Ask Questions. Listen. Learn. Each and every medication and therapy I am involved in has purpose and side-effects. Some of the medications require other medications to treat the side-effects of the first. Cancer Treatment is a rapidly progressing, evolving art and science. Odd to say (bordering on sublime?), I'm glad (so far) to play some small part in it.
Recovery is Doable, Addiction is Screwable! (ridiculous!)
My 13 Years of Recovery from Addiction has been like Kindergarten through 12th Grade for me.
Now I've Graduated to Cancer. The tools, the mindset, the hope, action, seeking help (look out! I feel myself devolving back into "From the Ridiculous to the Sublime.")
Cancer, and Recovery from it, will at times make me feel weak.
Recovery from Addiction has taught me to be strong in my weakness.
Strive on!
For anyone reading this post who has Cancer, but is not in Recovery from Addiction, I'm reprinting the short form of "The Serenity Prayer" below. Let it be a tool in your Recovery Toolbox, whatever you're recovering from.
AND Remember, Everybody's Recovering from Something (even if that something is  a someone called YOU!).
"The Serenity Prayer"

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, 
Courage to change the things I can, 
And wisdom to know the difference.
Enough Already.
MaƱana, Part Three!
(Suggestions for future posts warmly greeted)

The 1st Cancer / Alcoholism / Addiction post is immediately below this second one on the link provided here (Reverse Chronological Order): https://alldrinkingaside.blogspot.com
(If you're already on the All Drinking Aside Blog page, consider this link part of the Ridiculous!)
#SurviveAddiction #SurviveCancer #SurviveYourself
Finally, whether it be Cancer, Addiction, Alcoholism, Recovery or All of the Above,
"Hear Ye, Hear Ye... Read All About it, Wherever, Whenever, However!
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