22 May 2018

1st of 50 (Addiction/Cancer) Recovery Posts: REVERSE X-Ray Vision STRIPPED by Chemo & RADIATION Therapy

For those few who perhaps know about X-Ray Vision, but have never heard of Reverse X-Ray Vision (which I have... or rather, had) allow me to enlighten: Normal X-Ray Vision is the ability to see through solid objects, such as diaphanously frocked woodland nymphs.
REVERSE X-Ray Vision is my (former) unique ability to gaze upon photos of naked woodland deities with my reverse x-ray vision and dress them with my eyes.
My reverse x-ray vision powers were stripped by chemo and radiation therapy on this, my very first day of treatment for cancer.
Such is life in the Big Titty... I mean Big City (am I also loose-ing my powers of spich, too?).
Stay tuned tomorrow for Part Two (of 50!) of my "Alcoholic in Long-Term Recovery Faces Cancer"

"Nothing matters more than that we remain sober because when we remain sober everything matters more."
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