05 June 2022



We have to go back TWENTY=FIVE YEARS on this one.

When I first got sober, a therapist once said that a SAFE BET was to only believe HALF of anything an addict tells you or, in the other extreme, DOUBLE anything they tell you.


Drunk as a Skunk.

Reality Stinks. 

No Riddle of the Sphinx.

The Nose Knows.

"What goes on four (4) legs in the morning,

Two (2) legs in the afternoon

and three (3) legs at night?"

The Answer would be Man: a baby in the morning, a man in the afternoon and walking with a cane at night.

Drunk as a Skunk, this is No Riddle of the Sphinx.

The nose Knows that Reality Stinks.

You see, Somewhere between my crawling on all fours and standing tall as a grown-ass man on my own damned feet, addiction set in, addiction crippled me. I never grew up. 

Immediate Reward Replaced Goal Setting and Goat Getting.

The only Getting I Got Came out of a Bottle. 

Instead of 4, 2, 3 as the Sphinx in Truth Would Tell,

I went from 4 to 3 (Addiction, that third and ugly leg) to nearly None. 

Drunk as a Skunk, Reality Stinks.


1. I could quit right now if you weren't such a Bitch.

2. Twice the Drink = Half the Stress

3. My drinking hurts no one but me, so butt out. 

4. I choose when I drink and the time to drink and drug is NOW

5. My little auto accident was the ice on the road or the ice in my glass. Great Scot1 Don't Blame My Scotch!

6, I drink beer in the shower to sober up for work. You got a problem with that? Works for me.

7. Me fucked up? You want to know who's fucked up? YOU are.

8. You exaggerate my drinking and drugging for God's sake. Take a chill pill. I think You have an Exaggeration Problem.

9. You only think of yourself. Leave me the fuck alone.

10. Don't get technical. Geez! Counting my drinks already. Gimme a break.

11. You're overreacting. It's not THAT bad.

12. I have a problem? Your intolerance is the REAL problem!

13. Everything's a catastrophe to you. What's YOUR problem?

14. You/re hysterical! You're an alarmist! You're a broken record!

15. Your bitching is going to give me a fucking heart attack. Then what? Then who's to blame?

16. Calm the fuck down. I think YOU need a drink. Not me. I'm fine. Have a good day. Leave me alone. Drinking isn't my problem. YOU"RE my problem!


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(to be continued, ROUGH DRAFT)



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