28 September 2019

I WAS A S.P.U.D. (Special Person, Under-Drugged)!!!


I know....
I'm in Recovery from a Substance Use Disorder (SUD).
15 years + of continuous sobriety, to be more exact.
But with all this Recovery under my belt, I allow myself to make ridiculous statements now & then.
Such as....
"I've got a Hangover... my belly's hanging over my belt."
"I WAS A S.P.U.D. (Special Person, Under-Drugged)"
"Ego is not my Amigo."
.... there I go again....
But let me be serious for a moment....
I got sober at John Brooks Recovery Center (twice). This was back-in-the-day when it was known as I.H.D. (Institute for Human Development).
Since then, I've written a book, become a Recovery Coach and a Volunteer at John Brooks (what goes around sometimes comes around). All of which is to say that I lead a rich, full and happy life in Recovery.
But enough about me.
"It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others." - John Andrew Holmes
Without OTHERS, my Recovery would be un-doable & un-sustainable. In no time flat, I would be replaced by a Relapse (and unknown consequences leading up to and likely including death).
With the help of OTHERS (this is a very partial list):
JBRC (twice)
AtlantiCare Hospital (countless times)
Homeless Buddies in & out of Recovery (homeless twice)
Atlantic City Detox (back-in-the-day, twice)
Lakewood Hospital (extended stay)
Atlantic City Rescue Mission (twice, once sober, once not)
and with a Host of OTHERS... I have remained Clean & Sober....
Let me end by saying "THANKS!" to You and All the Many OTHERS without whom I would not even be here today!!!
I am NOT a S.P.U.D.!!!
This RECOVERY's for YOU!!!
Recovery is doable, sustainable, irreplaceable.
Share the Riches of your Recovery.
I'd like to suggest that you consider donating some of your time &/or money to a favorite charity.
(I am a John Brooks Recovery Center volunteer and have donated $10 to Jim's Birthday Fundraiser for John Brooks Recovery Center - A New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation).
Share the Wealth.
Move forward....
Give back....
"Nothing matters more than that we remain sober because when we remain sober everything matters more."

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