14 June 2019

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) TODAY (short & simple): My 15 Years of Continuous Recovery Celebrated :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


Actually, it was Facebook that reminded me of my short post last year when I marked 14 years.
This was that:
Barely remarked by me, the rear view mirror exclaimed that my Anniversary of the 14th Year of Continuous Sobriety had come and gone.
I've sort of stopped counting the days I've gained when stacked against the monumental losses of loved ones all around.
There is sadness in a happy time, by any measure.
My Anniversary, a small, significant pleasure.
A sad time, with greater meaning deep within.
Fifteen beckons in its own meandering way.
Peace be you day, whatever day it is.
A Happy Sobriety has Won, again, today. 
I was taken aback (pun intended).
Thank you, Facebook.
I responded by sharing my post from a year ago with this additional short note:
Each day passes without the thought of a drink, but like riding a bicycle, I will not ever forget how to pedal.
Another year, now 15 continuous years of sobriety, has passed by. This last year has been marked by my cancer diagnosis, treatment and survival, and Recovery Coach training.
Survival, suffering, peace, joy and gratitude are in the mix. Such an odd meatball (!) Life is.
Please find your best way to thrive another day.
Smell the coffee, tend the roses, lend a hand.
Tears of Joy and Sorrow in the Mix.
Strive on!
Nothing deep or profound there, but when carefully unwrapped, deep and profound joy was found within.
Time to reread my book again.
It's good to take a long look back & a short look forward once in awhile, who I was and where this road may lead.
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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