28 May 2019

*_*_*_* A Silly, Happy, Little Poem *_*_*_*

(Music Radio Creative)

We are the poorest among you.
We are the richest among you.
Whatever your yardstick or metric is,
We are those things and more,
At both ends of measurable and

We are Recovery,
Blessed and cursed,
Extreme, at the center,
Straight forward, reversed,
The Topsy in Turvy,
The empty in full,
The fool in the wise man,
The sparkle in jewel.

We are Recovery,
In Recovery immersed.
Thank you for listening to our little verse.

We are among you,
Silent no more.
[This and other poems of Addiction & Recovery by the author of ALL DRINKING ASIDE are to be found on LinkedIn, here:

"A Universe of #Recovery Verse... "​ (13 favorites in order by title)

 https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/universe-recovery-verse-jim-anders/?published=t ]

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