17 November 2018

*_*_*_* #Cancer / #Recovery... Part IV: "Virtuous Cycles of Recovery" *_*_*_*

Since Time Immemorial, Time has been the subject and the object of mankind's vain attempts at understanding just about everything. Does time travel in a straight line, an ever-repeating circle, or, mysteriously, is time interwoven with space and somehow never to be understood? Does time tick with different tocks on different clocks at different times and places or is time a constant, immutable? Is it the edge of an infinite arc, curved or straight?
On and on, time beckons and bewilders.
In my experience, time recycles itself, like the waves lapping the shore beneath me, fanning outward and upward as it spreads out on the wide, slow tilt of the shoreline, drifting back into itself as gravity takes over the water's force, completing itself in hypnotic rhythms inescapable to the eye, palpable beneath my surfaces of consciousness.
The waves of time repeat themselves over and over again. Addiction and Recovery from Addiction, one wave. Cancer and Recovery from Cancer, another. Perpetual undulations emerge, hypnotic. Each wave, more fully whole, each virtuous wave of recovery completing itself with both an individual and group identity.
Time is Recovery. Recovery is Time.
Time beckons, let loose on the shore. All else seems out of sync. Addiction and Cancer are beaten down by the wheels of time's perfection. Moments spray upon this landscape, grey and white mists, pastels, desired, held, caressed, released.
After living, after dying, addiction and cancer loose importance in the final tally. It is, was and will have been for recovery, recovery, recovery that meanings find their moments.
Addiction and Cancer have well-prepared me for future storms. Softened by experience, subtle, serene, like sea glass found on a thousand shores, I am me and you and we, smooth, malleable, modest and complete.
Cancer and Addiction, you are minor irritants. I will make a pearl of you, indistinguishable from the sea glass all around me.
Recovery is unbound. Time, irrelevant, here and now. Recovery is King. Virtuous Cycles Are My Everything.
Cancer Will Not Own Me / Control Me / Lessen Me
Addiction Will Not Own Me / Control Me / Lessen Me
Cancer Will Not Own Me / Control Me / Lessen Me
Time is good.
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