14 November 2018

#Cancer Joins the Joyous (Yet Harrowing) #Recovery Parade... Part One: "NEW BEGINNINGS... "

"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." - Heraclitus
The lump on my throat popped out when I raised my head to the water streaming down on me in the shower in March. During April, I visited my family doctor who sent me to a local specialist and in fairly quick succession I'd visited a surgeon and two chemo and radiation specialists. 
My 7 weeks of Chemo and Radiation started in May and ended in July. 
During this time, I wrote 25 Posts related to Cancer specifically, and to Recovery in general.
Now, until I'm rechecked in January, I have been declared Cancer-Free.
Gleaned from those 25 Cancer Recovery Posts, I'm revisiting there, deleting, refreshing & re-posting portions & adding acquired new perspectives as my journey moves forward. With minor changes, below, find one of those earlier posts!
(Recovery from Addiction has taught me to be strong in my weakness. Recovery is Resilience, win or lose.)
"New Beginnings Are Often Disguised as Painful Endings." - Lao Tzu
My 13 Years of Recovery from Addiction to alcohol and other substances had been like Kindergarten through the 12th Grade for me. I sought pity and lived in self-pity when I initially got sober at the age of 46. Cancer is a completely different beast, but the tools I have acquired over the years were becoming handy once again.
You see, now I'd Graduated... to Cancer. The tools, the mindset, the hopes, actions, seeking of help, my striving to helping others... etc. All have been part of my becoming more human - despite, or perhaps because of, what may at first have appeared only as setbacks. How we survive, how we recover and how we learn to be more present, more fully alive, are all in the stewpot of emotions and actions that have brought us to the present moment. We can stew in our own sour juices or thrive on the new perspectives that adversity have brought our way. 
I must admit that all of the above was a Pep-Talk to me - from me - back then. That my experience could possibly help others is a total win/win for me, here and now and into the future. The WE of our common humanity reveals itself in the most kind - and devilish ways at times. (I have learned to stay connected.)
Human Glue, sharing and caring, has helped put me back together time and again, no matter my problem or condition. (I must remember to stay connected.)
"New Beginnings Are Often Disguised as Painful Endings." Lao Tzu scribed those words well over 2,500 years ago. His words are a Gift from the Ages. Take it from there. Carry it with you.
Cancer, and Recovery from it, at times has made me feel weak. Lessons will be learned on the road ahead. 
Recovery from Addiction has taught me to be strong in my weakness. Resilience will be part of the solution, no matter the outcome. Recovery from Addiction has taught me to be strong in my weakness, repeat, repeat.
(To Be Continued as New Perspectives on My Recent Cancer Recovery Take Center Stage)

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