10 October 2018


No, not really. But it got you to read these 2nd and 3rd lines, for starters!
"DRUNK WITH POWER," to me (and if you're someone like me), is one of the most ridiculous expressions I have ever heard. It makes no sense to me! One drink makes me powerless over the second and BAM!, Domino Effect, I'm swallowed up (pun intended) by the next and every other drink to follow.
It doesn't matter how hard I try or how long I've been abstinent, I cannot drink under any and all circumstances and after 14+ years of continuous sobriety, I wouldn't drink if you paid me and do not want to.
But back to the expression, "DRUNK WITH POWER," and what a Tripping Stone (vs. Stepping Stone) it can be in Recovery, especially Early Recovery. "DRUNK WITH POWER" suggests an Ego Trip and I have found, in my own Recovery and the Recovery of others, that "Ego is not my Amigo," that Ego, in all of its Glorifications, can Trip You Up (hence, Tripping Stone), will Trip You Up and has Tripped Me Up (ha!). 
"DRUNK WITH POWER" and Humility have never been on the same page, with the possible exception of False Humility, a commodity so common, I'm surprised it's not on the New York Stock Exchange!
In an attempt to end cheerfully (and not digging myself in any deeper), let me quickly end with Think About It (Drunk with Power) and... 
"Don't Forget Where You Come From, Bum!" and "It's Nice To Be Important, But It's More Important To Be Nice!"

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