02 July 2018

MORE THAN FOOD: Hunger in the Abstract #20 (of 50) #Cancer #Addiction #Recovery #Emergence

Yes, Alfie, what is it all about?
For my recovery to be sustainable, this human animal would need more than food and water to survive. (Think "Feed your head") I would have to feed my head, to give my life meaning, to find purpose.
Like my struggles in early recovery from alcoholism and other addictions, I, in time, at times, would often reach varying abysmal points where to weaken, to cave in, would be the easy way out. "I may as well drink (or drug)" would briefly, but deeply, come to mind.
I would need glimmers of hope, of sustainability. Sometimes life can feel reduced to the absurd purpose of finding one. Certain philosophical crossroads rudely intrude and one may face an existential nausea as great or greater than that nausea induced by chemotherapy.
A voice within senses danger on the existential level. Echoes of "get thee to a nunnery" on some philosophical level enter the picture and the only answer in this case seems for me to seek help, take action and firm up my (I hate to say it) spiritual foundation.
Yes, Alfie, what is it all about?
I do not want to die. I want to live, to survive, to thrive.
Cancer is another bump in my road which I just ascend, climb over, work through, surpass.
Even food, at times, may feel like crumbs of whimsy when that most basic thing we call desire has been subverted. Nothing seems to matter more at times than that we keep our eyes on the prize, the wonder of life with all its twists and turns, that life is worth living (with all its struggles) and that life, always, can find a way.
Purpose. Find yours. Whatever it is.
I have find mine. Will build on it and in the meantime, breathe and eat.
At one point in my recovery from alcoholism, it felt to me that my greatest accomplishment had been to hit bottom and not die. Cancer, with its many seemingly impossible crossroads has been squarely met and will be surmounted.
Strive on. All is not lost and perhaps never had been. A simple tweak of perspective may nourish as much as any plateful of calories and nutrients. A book, a person, a perspective renewed. Breathe in, breathe out. This cancer thing will find its way and be done.
Tomorrow is my last chemo treatment, followed by three more radiation treatments. Hope. Not in a bottle this time. Recovery has taught me hope under any and all conditions.
I hunger. I thirst. I will survive this and thrive. Barring that, I will have done all that could be done.
Life replenishes itself, undeniably. I am but an example.
Pep talk (to self and for you) over.... Strive on....

("Sustainable Development" on Pinterest) 
My continuing Recovery from Alcoholism has given me tools, hope, a positive attitude.
I have a leg up on Cancer that I wouldn't have minus my addiction recovery.
I hope some of this rubs off on you.
"Nothing matters more than that we remain sober because when we remain sober everything matters more." That attitude carries over into my cancer fight. Cancer matters more. Fighting cancer means more. My life IS more, no matter how all of this turns out.
Strive on Fellow Travelers! No matter what you fight and challenges! Help is out there.
A Call to Arms!
No, not guns and ammunition. I'm talking human arms, embracing and carrying forward messages of Trust and Hope among all Cancer patients, their families, friends and co-workers. We need each others support. Don't isolate due to the ignorance of others. Share freely. Dispel myths. Move forward.
Everybody's Recovering from Something. Get Help. Find Help. Help others.
I am not a Hero, but on my good days at least, I am no longer a victim. I and you and us and we are more important than fear and doubt and prejudice and ignorance and a basketful of other evils.
In Sobriety, I have chosen to not be a victim of Cancer, Cancer's Pawn. I Can-Cer Vive (stolen from an origin unknown). I can survive Cancer because, in the end, I shall not have left me be it's Victim. I will be a Victor of Cancer, no matter the actually outcome.
Be a Victor. Live Victoriously!
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