04 July 2018

CHEMO... DONE... / But is CANCER DONE with me? #21 (of 50) #Cancer #Addiction #Recovery #Emergence

The only constant is change, so regardless of whether my 6 Chemotherapies grab hold of my cancer by the throat or not (and this is throat cancer: hard palate and soft palate, which then spread to an outpost on my neck!), there will be more changes down the road. Three more Radiation Therapies and 5 more saline solutions to help my organs cleanse the toxins from my body still await me.
And then... slowly, these symptoms of Chemotherapy will recede, each at their own rates. Forewarned is Forearmed.
General fatigue will fade with time. My normal mental focus will return. Irregular facial hair growth should normalize. Lung capacity should return to former levels. Kidneys should return to full functioning. My ankle numbness should slowly decrease as all systems normalize. My short, slow stride trudging down the streets should again become brisk, as previously. And muscle co-ordination and strength should return to pre-treatment levels.
I'll have to take all these re-normalizations as they come. But I'll bid their absence no fond farewell.
A recurrence of cancer is still possible down the road, usually within two years of treatment. There is no time limit for a recurrence, so I'll have to remain vigilant.
Each cancer and each cancer patient is different. So I might be wise to expect the unexpected in all these areas.
After my regular treatments end after next week and doctor visits become more periodic rather than near constant, as they've been, I'll have time to explore Cancer Recovery Groups sponsored by my hospital. My scheduled visitations have been too time-consuming and none of the existing groups fit my weekly schedules up to this point as yet.
My recovery from addiction to alcohol has truly helped me get this far and I believe I will be able to help other cancer patients who don't have recovery experience such as I've had from my addictions (Don't worry! I know that Groups will also be of immeasurable help to me as well).
All's well that ends well, but recurrence of cancer growth is always a possibility.
On that unending note, my usual postscripts, below:
My continuing Recovery from Alcoholism has given me tools, hope, a positive attitude.
I have a leg up on Cancer that I wouldn't have had minus my addiction recovery.
"Nothing matters more than that we remain sober because when we remain sober everything matters more." That attitude carries over into my cancer fight. Cancer matters more. Fighting cancer means more. My life IS more, no matter how all of this turns out.
Strive on, Fellow Travelers! No matter what your fight and challenges! Help is out there.
A Call to Arms!
No, not guns and ammunition. I'm talking human arms, embracing and carrying forward messages of Trust and Hope among all Cancer patients, their families, friends and co-workers. We need each others support. Don't isolate due to the ignorance of others. Share freely. Dispel myths. Move forward.
Everybody's Recovering from Something. Get Help. Find Help. Help others.
I am not a Hero, but on my good days at least, I am no longer a victim. I and you and us and we are more important than fear and doubt and prejudice and ignorance and a basketful of other evils.
In Sobriety, I have chosen to not be a victim of Cancer, Cancer's Pawn. I Can-Cer Vive (stolen from an origin unknown). I can survive Cancer because, in the end, I shall not have left me be it's Victim. I will be a Victor of Cancer, no matter the actually outcome.
Be a Victor. Live Victoriously!

(public domain image of Squamous Cell Carcinoma)

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