27 June 2018

"Cancer is Contagious,You Know," Neighbor Proclaims #18 (of 50) #Cancer #Addiction #Recovery #Emergence

Fear is Contagious. Ignorance is Contagious. Stigmas are Contagious. Many other  emotions, as well. But Cancer? Cancer IS NOT Contagious! It's not like catching a softball at a Family Reunion. Close contact will not spread cancer. Hugs, kisses, shaking hands, sharing meals or utensils, even sharing the same air won't spread cancer. Germs may be passed in all these and other ways, but Cancer is not a germ. Cancer signifies a change in cell mutations. You can catch the flu from another, but you can't catch Cancer even from your Mother!
My landlord was chatting with the neighbor lady the other day and when he casually mentioned that I have Cancer, she responded with a worried look and said "Cancer is contagious, you know."
When my landlord related this to me, I simply couldn't believe what I had just heard. Sandy (not her real name) has a Masters Degree in Business Administration (maybe she should mind her own business, LoL). Apparently she's a Master at memorizing charts and graphs, but dumbfounded when it comes to common sense. Images of The Scarlet Letter and secluded islands packed to the gills with Lepers of days gone by. Stone Age images of Caribou drawn in red ink on the walls of a sandstone cave from human pre-history also come to mind.
A Call to Arms!
No, not guns and ammunition. I'm talking human arms, embracing and carrying forward messages of Trust and Hope among all Cancer patients, their families, friends and co-workers. We need each others support. Don't isolate due to the ignorance of others. Share freely. Dispel myths. Move forward.
Everybody's Recovering from Something and at This Moment, I'm Recovering from the Neighbor Next Door. I can't wait to bump into her on the street (no, I don't mean literally). I'm going to ask her in the most forgiving tone to Google "Is Cancer contagious?" She needs to hear if from the Source's Mouth.
I bristled and brushed it off. I've got bigger fish to fry. But I'll still have something kind to say next time she passes by.
I am not a Hero, but on my good days at least, I am no longer a victim. I and you and us and we are more important than fear and doubt and prejudice and ignorance and a basketful of other evils.
In Sobriety, I have chosen to not be a victim of Cancer, Cancer's Pawn. I Can-Cer Vive (stolen from an origin unknown). I can survive Cancer because, in the end, I shall not have left me be it's Victim. I will be a Victor of Cancer, no matter the actually outcome.
Be a Victor. Live Victoriously!

(photo credit: canfightcancer.com on Pinterest)
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